Being a Member

Being a Member

Why I benefit from being a member.

The SLASLP is the professional body for Speech and Language Therapy in Sri Lanka.

With more than 300 working professionals we are a group that shape the development of Speech and Language Therapy Policy in Sri Lanka. We represent the views of the profession and are here to better serve our members in advocating for the profession and the community that we serve.

As a SLASLP member you have access to a range of exclusive member benefits and services.
Members Category Description Benifits
Discounts to
Access to
Access to
Member Only
Areas on
SLASLP Website
Full-time Member
Qualified Speech and Language Therapist/Pathologist (minimum holder of BSc. Degree in speech and language therapy) practicing within the recognized framework, holding SLMC registration and engaged in CPD.
Student Member
Student enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya following BSc. In Speech and Hearing Sciences
Transition Member
Fulfilling the requirements for Full-time membership awaiting SLMC registration.
Overseas Member
Qualified SLT/SLP working overseas, fulfilling requirements for full-time membership & a registered with the professional body of the country they reside in.

Professional Identity

You will be a nationally recognized professional representing a standard of excellence in the field of Speech and Language Therapy.

SLASP is the leading body representing the interests of professionals in the field of Speech and Language Therapy and advocate for the rights of our members and clients.

As we grow as a professional body you will have access to increasing member services.

Professional Accreditation

You will receive a membership number that will certify that you are a qualified working professional in the field of Speech and Language Therapy.

You will receive an annual letter from the association certifying your participation in CPD programmes which will serve as an addition to your professional qualifications.

Your employees and clients will recognize you as a professional committed to staying current in skills and knowledge resulting in high quality clinical services.


Continued professional Development programmes will be easily accessible to you and you will receive all materials from these events.

It is important to stay up-to-date in knowledge, skills and best practice as our profession keeps growing and new research emerges.

Annual SLASLP Journal

The SLASLP journal will be published mid-year and will hold articles, abstracts and papers written by professionals in the field.

This journal will be available to all member at minimal cost as your commitment towards the profession is recognized.

How to become a member

Step 1

Express Interest/ Find out details

• Know what the association is all about.
• Know if you are eligible.
• Know your membership category.
• Know the SLASLP constitution and declaration for its members.

Step 2


• See below for the fee structure. Should you need further clarifications, contact our communications officer.
• Select payment method.
• Make the payment (if renewal, please adhere to the given payment timelines).

Step 3


• Take a mobile phone picture of the payment slip and Watsapp on +94 773776634 (Ms. Navindra Rajapaksha-Treasurer 2021-2023).
• If you don’t own a smart phone, scan the bank slip and email it to us at [email protected].
• If you have used online banking, email the transfer confirmation to us.

Step 4

Application and Verification

• Once you’ve made the payment you will receive an email from the SLASLP membership team along with an instruction sheet and a list of documents you would need to provide in support of your application.
• Your documents will then under go a verification process.

Step 5


• Once the verification process has been completed, you will receive your unique membership number via email.
• Your membership card will then follow via registered post.
• Enjoy a range of membership benefits.

Download this document here for more details..

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